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Over the course of two weekends, you will expand your Pilates mat repertoire with new exercises and variations. We will dive into further modifications with props in creative ways to help you plan for special populations and private client settings.


This course puts a strong emphasis on how to adapt to Pilates students with injuries and illnesses. ​We focus on refining your verbal and tactile cues while expanding your knowledge. At the end of this course, you will leave with the confidence to teach in any setting. 


Pilates Mat Level 2 Curriculum Outline:​

  • Stretch Collective Six Essential principles Expanded

  • BACKS Cueing method Expanded

  • Effective communication and cueing

  • Refining observation skills

  • Pilates for a variety of spinal injuries

  • Pilates for sport performance

  • Pilates for scoliosis

  • Pilates for an aging population

  • Private clients: intake, testing, progress, and retention


Next Course: 

  • Location: Stretch Collective (127-2745 Veterans Memorial Parkway)

  • Length: Two weekend - 32 hours




  • Saturday & Sunday 

  • Times: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm



  • TBD - due to Covid-19 closure


You Will Receive:​

  • Anatomy handouts

  • Case studies for review to ensure your understanding

  • In-class teaching time to refine your skills

  • Written quizzes and tests to guarantee your understanding

  • A certificate of completion

  • Options to teach real students in our alumni-led classes and receive feedback


Program Cost:

  • $489 + GST for our Inaugural course at Stretch Collective! (Later courses  $649) - including a $250 non-refundable deposit 


Additional Costs:

  • Stretch Collective Comprehensive Pilates Mat Lvl 2 Manual ($79)


To Successfully Complete the Program You Must Achieve the Following:

  • Complete all in-class activities

  • Participate in all teaching, classes and lecture time

  • Complete all homework prior to receiving your certificate

  • Pass your final proficiency exam with 80% or higher

  • Abide by our Pilates Code of Ethics.



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