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Pilates Mat Next Course -  March 4, 2023!

Reformer Lvl 1 Next course - April 22, 2023!

Get $298 off if you register for both before Feb 20, 2023!

Classically Informed Teaching, Progressively Aligned.


Our Pilates Instructor Training is done in modules. After each module, you will be certified to teach that modality, but you will not be comprehensively trained until you complete all modules. Within each course, you will gain all of the skills necessary to instruct safe, effective, and creative classes. You will be able to teach group classes or private lessons to individuals of all levels. You will leave with an in-depth understanding of Pilates and learn a wide array of exercises on the mat as well as using the apparatus. We will cover modifications to adapt to individuals who are pregnant or have injuries and dive deep into contraindications and planning for special populations.


Taking your training at our beautiful Pilates studio provides you with unique advantages over other Pilates Instructor Trainees. Experienced Master Trainers lead the training. All of our instructors hold Pilates certifications and years of teaching experience and most are were Physiotherapist Assistants, worked in clinical settings, or are Physiotherapists.


This comprehensive training will provide you with an exclusive jumpstart on your understanding of the human body.  We focus on a progressive leveled teaching technique to ensure you are able to adapt to a wide array of clients and situations. We teach you HOW to teach others an important aspect often missing in other courses.


Our courses put a strong emphasis on the musculoskeletal system to understand the purpose and benefits of each exercise. You will learn to use a wide range of cues, props, and hands-on techniques for your future clients. At the end of this course, you will leave with a well-rounded education to become a highly skilled and confident Pilates Mat Instructor.


Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training - Click on any training to find dates and further information:​

  • Pilates Mat Certification - Level 1 (48 hours)

  • Anatomy Level 1 (Mixed into Mat and reformer level 1)

  • Reformer Certification - Level 1 (48 hours)

  • Pilates Chair Certification - Level 1 (48 hours)

  • Pilates Mat Level 2 & Small Equipment Course (48 hours)

  • Reformer Certification - Level 2 (36 hours)

  • Cadillac/Tower Certification (48 hours)

  • Mixed Apparatus course (36 hours)

  • Advanced Equipment Programming & Online Study (84 hours)

  • Final Review and Practicum preps (42 hours)

  • Mentorship Hours (15 minimum)

  • Teaching Hours (40 teaching hours)

  • Final Written Theory Exam (2 hours)

  • Final Teaching Practicums (3 hours)





Upcoming Courses: 




  • Saturdays: 1 pm - 6:30 pm

  • Sundays:  12 pm - 6:30 pm



Dana Carter offers a very comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training. She is so knowledgeable and thorough yet maintains a sense of fun throughout the courses. They were invaluable sources of information and have given me the confidence, skill, and knowledge to teach creative, safe Pilates classes.


Dana is the ultimate mentor as she is a wealth of knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm. She provides fantastic insight and understanding of anatomy and body mechanics which makes for an informative and engaging teacher training. I would definitely recommend these courses to anyone!


—  Brittany W, Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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